bathomatic BUI MK4


bathomatic basic user interface – MK4 (spare with lifetime warranty)


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bathomatic basic user interface – MK4

bathomatic MK4 is a leap forward in touch sencing in wet conditions. It is over 1,000 times faster than it’s predessesors and has a tactile feed back. The look and feel, but the speed makes a difference as it pesents a clear comunicating with the user even if the other parts of the bathomatic system are busy dealing with verious aspects of the bath funtionality. We all know that unlike electricity water travels slow

Further improvements are in the menue items. The bathomatic BUI MK4 has an extended menue with more options which were not included before due to memory capacity limitations


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Product features

  • Taktile feedback
  • Extended menu
  • Solid-state waterproof touch interface
  • Backward competible with all previous bathomatic models
  • Lifetime warranty – to the original purchaser and in their home

Product Documents in PDF

bathomatic user manual v06

Available Options:

  • Hand shower
  • Metal frame
  • Custom layout and buttons