bathomatic basic MK4 (Europe)

bathomatic offers the ultimate luxury for bath tubs. Coming home to a perfect bath becomes a routine when you can get a bath perfection from your smart phone or PC. bathomatic is still the only fully automated bath management system in the World with real-time feedback from the bathtub.  bathomatic basic MK3 is the model before the current one and has all features offered to date.



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bathomatic is a revolutionary digital bath filler developed by Unique Automation allowing control of everything from the temperature of your bath to the depth of water and choice of fragrance. Filling a bath is easy. Filling your ideal bath manually and consistently is impossible. But creating your own perfect bath, time after time, is simply a matter of choosing the elegant solution offered by bathomatic. Developed to install discretely in new or existing baths, it is as indulgent in a luxurious en-suite as it is safe and efficient in the family bathroom.

And because bathomatic simply does what it’s told, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your beautifully customised bath.

Perfected over a period of 15 years of constant refinements bathomatic MK4 is a rare opportunity to get your bathroom 21st century ready.  The manufacturer of bathomatic (Unique Automation) focuses on exclusive high end developments and this is the first offering on the open market.

This is the newest bathomatic with the following features now standard:

  • MP3 like lever control
  • User interface tacktile feedback
  • Build in LAN (Apple App and Amazon Alexa)
  • Hand shower outlet by default
  • High flow rate

With miriad of more features like increased responce, bathomatic TO Guard ready and many ohters

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Weight 1,5 kg


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Product features

  • Water depth control
  • Water temperature control
  • 9 programmable presets
  • Solid-state waterproof touch interface (BUI) in white
  • Motorised drain with overflow filler in polished chrome
  • Patented solution
  • Fits all baths with standard drain and overflow cut outs
  • Lifetime warranty - to the original purchaser and in their home

Available Options:

  • Hand Shower
  • Scents Dispenser 4way, 8way or 12way

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