Frequently Asked Questions

We have stock of all processors.  These are brought to their functional glory and can be send to you either to keep in exchange of your own or use for the time it takes to repair your own.

We offer a premium service where we aim to service your processor on the day of arrival and send it back on the following or the same should time permits.  Additional fee of £10 needs to be paid

Turn around is 3 working days after receipt of your faulty Aqualisa

Where possible it will be good to have all components to a faulty system sent for a service.  In the past although not that often have been situations where the fault has led to a faulty control or the connecting wire.

We will pay £15 for any Digital Process received to reimburse postage and pledge where possible to reuse or recycle in a responsible manner

With age and exposure to thermal expansion, contraction and the effect of the elements (Cl2 and ClO) the nitrile rubber O-rings lose plasticity and ability to withhold water thing seal.  The O-rings become solid and brittle and slowly ware off letting water out

There could be number of reason like split spindle, old O-ring, split water mixing housing, corroded temperature sensor to name few

We recommend a service every 5 years and have a loan scheme in place for your convenience.  A routine part of our service is to replace all rubber O-rings.

Yes you do! A regular service will ensure all perishable rubber components are replaced allowing your processor to last longer and avoiding costly damage to itself and possibly to property.

Depending on the type of processor the cause could varies.  On well utilised Low Pressure systems the most common problem is worn out pump.  A typical sign is a hosing lid filled up by graphite (black soot).  It is economically repeatable and we have many new pumps.