Frequently Asked Questions

Due to popular demand we now extended the service to cover the Grey processors.

Once a processor has been serviced and repaired by us one can take extended warranty of 2 or 5 years.  Both are subject to charge and are based on “Return To Base” type warranty.  You send the processor to us at your own cost and repair and send back to you.

We aim to turn around warranty repairs within one working day.

For convenince we can provide you with a lable –

As this is a repair service we offer three months limited warranty.

You can prepay the postage for sending your processor in and then drop it off at one of the UPS Dropoff Locations.  This is a better value service than Post Office and depending on the time of day of postage it gets delivered the next day.

We will e-mail you the label after you have completed the checkout

Removing your processor is usually very simple process and most sensible people can do it.  In the worst case call the local plumber.  We do not offer this service.

We strongly recommend UPS as this company has stood the test of time with the best possible service.  There are plenty of online intermediaries offering UPS Drop Off, which is excellent as one can: prepay, print a label and drop off their parcel at a local UPS drop off point.  These locations are open long hours and are most likely a mile away from your home.

We use UPS 24 hour trackable service (your phone number is required)

We do not sell spares other than what is available on our website.  In a complex technology eco-system like a processor the cause and effects could not easily determine a faulty component, hence why we refrain from selling other spares.

There have been few occasions when customers requested a paid repair during the warranty.  You can choose to go this way, but we will not do it for free.

On arrival of your faulty Aqualisa we inspect and test it.  If no chargeable faults are found the processor is scheduled for a repair and later despatch.  If chargeable components are involved we detail these in a report outing the repair options.