Digital Pumped Processor with “Boost” with 5 year warranty


Modified Pumped (LP/Gravity) digital processor (black) with “Boost” function – Competible with 433100/434100, A2 and all pumped processors with “Boost” control button

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Modified Pumped (LP/Gravity) digital processor (black) with “Boost” function – Compatible with 433100/434100, A2 and all pumped processors with “Boost” control button

The modification brings the dual speed flow control from the loved A2 processor to the Aqualisa’s black architecture successors

Here are the benefits:

  • Extended Lifespan: Lower workloads translate into longer pump life.
  • Reduced Noise: Operating at less than full capacity means quieter operation.
  • Effective Boost: When you need that extra power, the ‘Boost’ function is now genuinely effective.

The updated models come with revised power consumption specifications:

  • Standby: 3W
  • On (Standard Mode): 60W (not present on Aqualisa Pumped after A2)
  • Boost: 140W

As always, we adhere to all relevant EMC, WEEE, and other electronic device standards and directives during the upgrade process, ensuring our products maintain their compliance and provide a seamless user experience.

At OurBathroom, we believe in the continuous improvement of products for the benefit of our customers. As such, we’re proud to offer this newly reimagined feature, adding value and years to your pumped processor experience.

It will only work if your shower button has a “Boost” button. If not the pump speed will be reduced by circa 50%

Replaces Grey, Black and Orange and Purple (depending on use)

5 year warranty

Bases on Aqualisa Original and Genuine Spares and only available here

Free next day UK Delivery

Purchasers qualify for a rebate on their faulty (old) processor. The rebate varies from £20 – £60 depending on the fault. This rebate program includes the old grey processors on one to one basis (low pressure black purchased here qualifies a low pressure grey for a rebate)

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