Aqualisa Digital Pumped Processor Orange with 5 year warranty


A substitute for black, orange and grey  and converts your existing shower set up to a Smart Shower without any extras

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Complete Pumped (LP/Gravity) digital processor (orange)

Can substitute black, orange and pink Pumped and converts your existing shower set up to Smart Shower

Compatible Showers

  • Quartz 2005,2014,2018
  • Axis Digital
  • Rise Digital
  • iSystem Digital
  • Optic D/Visage D
  • Viso/Zuri
  • Instinct
  • HiQu/Infinisa
  • Ilux
  • Q Smart
  • Q Edition

5 year warranty

Aqualisa Original and Genuine Spare

Free next day UK Delivery

Purchasers qualify for a rebate on their faulty (old) processor. The rebate varies from £20 – £60 depending on the fault. This rebate program includes the old grey processors on one to one bases (low pressure black purchased here qualifies a low pressure grey for a rebate)

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