Aqualisa digital processor complete seal set for Pumped A2 Grey

Aqualisa Digital Processor complete seal set for the A2 Grey Pumped Processors

Inlets, outlet, pump, connecting and temperature sensor O-rings, TopHut seals and silicon lubricant


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The set is suitable for all Black Low Pressure (Pumped) Processors and consists of:

  • Inlets and outlet spigot O-rings – 3 pcs
  • Temperature sensor O-ring – 1 pc
  • Pump Connecting O-ring – 1 pc
  • Pump O-ring – 1 pc
  • Water mixing housing O-ring – 1 pc
  • “TopHut” seals – 2pcs

Silicon lubricant

Age and the “elements” turn the rubber O-rings on Aqualisa processors into solid black charcoal-like rings. As part of our typical service we replace all O-rings, but some of you have invested time in tryin to fix your processor and may only need the complete seal set to complete a DIY repair.

The condition of the Inlet/outlet spigot O-rings is indicative of the condition and age of processor. Typically when these need replacement the Temperature sensor and the “TopHut” seals need replacement too, hence why we have included them.  We also include a small amount of the correct silicon lubricant

Have fun replacing the seals and using your shower

We like using UPS 24hrs, but have chosen to use 2-3 day service to keep the price low.  If you like next day delivery please drop us a line

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