Aqualisa Digital Processor O-rings set for Pumped Grey (A2)


Aqualisa Digital Processor O-rings set suitable for all Grey Low Pressure (Pumped) Processors (A2)

Inlets and outlet spigot, booster pump connecting, housing and Temperature sensor O-rings and silicon lubricant

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The set is suitable for all Grey Low Pressure (Pumped) Processors and consists of:

  • Inlets and outlet spigot O-rings – 3 pcs
  • Booster pump connection O-ring – 1 pc
  • Booster pump O-ring – 1 pc
  • Temperature sensor O-ring – 1 pc

Silicon lubricant

Age and the “elements” turn the rubber O-rings on Aqualisa processors into solid black charcoal-like rings (like picture 3). As part of our typical service we replace all O-rings (picture 4), but some of you may only need the O-rings.

The condition of the Inlet/outlet spigot O-rings is indicative of the condition and age of processor. Typically when these need replacement the Temperature sensor and booster pump O-ring need replacement too, hence why we have included them.  We also include a small amount of the correct silicon lubricant

Have fun replacing the O-rings and using your shower, but bear in mind that the replacement of the O-rings is not a substitute for a service

We like using UPS 24hrs, but have chosen to use 2-3 day service to keep the price low.  If you like next day delivery please drop us a line

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