Trouble shooting kit for Aqualisa Digital

A kit to help you find out why your Aqualisa Digital is not working for only £19.99. Full refund on all options below


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When your Aqualisa Digital is not working there are three possible culprits:

  • Faulty cable
  • Faulty button
  • Faulty processor

We created this bundle specifically to help you troubleshoot and identify the faulty part at a cost of only £19.99. It is intended to help you isolate the problem and not to omit the need of service. You wouldn’t drive your car if not serviced for years, would you?

The kit includes a control button and a cable for your model

As per our Processor Loan Scheme on return we will refund you for all parts returned in their original condition less postage (when applicable) and £19.99 admin fee.

Typically use when your shower behaves as normal, but water doesn’t flow. The control button illumination, etc. is not a sign of good health.

Even if your system includes a diverter or remotes, the main parts are still the processor (slave), control button (master) and control cable. All peripheral components (slaves) are rather “innocent”, and still are best disconnected during trouble shooting. They could by pulling the control bus down, rendering the entire system dysfunctional.

The last paragraph sounds too technical, but it’s ok to not fully understand the specifics.

Knowing is better than guessing.

We help you be in the know.

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