Aqualisa Digital Pumped Processor Loan Scheme

Aqualisa Digital Pumped Processor Loan Scheme – a “courtesy” processor with the option to keep (ADPS Loan Scheme)


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We know how important the continuous use of your shower is and came out with the ADPS Loan Scheme.

Under the ADPS Loan Scheme we send you an Aqualisa Digital Processor like yours against a deposit of £299 and await for your processor.  When your processor arrives we test and repair offering you the option of another swap where your serviced unit is returned and the loan unit is send back to us.

Every customer to date (July 2017) has chosen to keep the loan unit and has been paid back the difference in cost which is calculated by the formulas below:

Deposit – service = refund (£299 – £59 = £240)

or in the event of faulty stepper

Deposit – service – stepper (in the event of a failed stepper) = refund (£299 – £59 – £26 = £214)

or in the event of LP to HP conversion

Deposit – conversion service = refund (£299 – £99 = £200)

ADPS Loan Scheme offers many benefits with the most obvious being; the continues work of your shower, one plumber’s call out and a single visit to the loft.

No need to worry about packaging or organising the postage. The loan unit will come in a proper box with prepaid addressed label: one goes out, another goes in. You then drop off your processor at a UPS access point at a location convenient for you. With over 2,800 in the UK and most working from early till late the return of your processor will be a breeze.

The loan units come out of our demo stock and are subject to 3 months warranty.


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